Church Staff - Pastor

Harry Foockle is the Pastor of our Church.  While serving on active duty in the United States Air Force he was called into the ministry.  At the time he was attending the Centerview Methodist Church.  He is married to Donna and between them they have four children and a number of grandchildren.  

Harry is an Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church and served until his retirement.  Shortly thereafter he was called out of retirement to serve here at Antioch.  He has been our pastor since July 2005. 

Pastor Harry is very active in the International Council of Community Churches (ICCC).  Antioch is a charter member of that organization.   

Church Staff - Education Director

Jerry Brown is Christian Education Director at Antioch. Although his formal education was focused on clinical laboratory science, he realizes that his life education was molded by his dedicated Sunday School teachers as he was growing up.  

His commitment to Christian education goes back to his Army days at Ft Riley, KS where he took on the challenge of teaching Sunday School to elementary children. Since then he has also been involved with teens, young singles, and adult Christians. He leads the Youth Program at the annual conference of the International Council of Community Churches, and has been a Boy Scout leader for many years. 

He is very proud of his two sons, both of whom are Eagle Scouts, and grateful to God for the gift of his wife, Laurinda. At Antioch, he is always looking for new opportunities to challenge people of all ages as they learn and grow their faith and understanding of Jesus Christ

Church Staff - Director of Worship


Antoinette Cook is the Director of Worship at Antioch as well as serving as Pastor Harry’s Administrative Assistant. While her formal  undergraduate education was secondary education, she knows that her God-ordained former worship leader & always-best friend, two Ministers and her father, Jim Duke, who began his adult life leading worship in Texas, molded her life education.

Her love of bringing powerful, relevant, enjoyable and most of all Biblical music to Antioch’s worship services keeps her driven and focused. We are here to learn more about our Creator and His Son, and build a relationship with Him and our brothers and sisters in Him. The goal of our worship time is a stepping-stone to those things. 

Antoinette and her husband, Clint, are blessed parents of Justin (Kari), Madissyn and Tanner. Madissyn and Tanner both help in the nursery at Antioch.